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Carsten K. Rath, Susanne Rath

55 Reasons for You to Open a Grand Hotel

15,99 €
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September 2015, 240 Seiten
ISBN: 9783867745079
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In the thick of it - instead of just being there!
Opening a Grand Hotel is more enthralling than many action movies. This is especially true when a team of dedicated hoteliers pursue the goal of guiding the time-honored tradition of the luxury hospitality industry into a new era. Kameha Grand Zurich plays with clichés and also breaks with one or another taboo in the branch. Here hassle is preprogrammed - just as experiences that the guest will not have in any other house in the world.

For a Grand Hotel is being opened here that is ultimately unique in its own right. Carsten and Susanne Rath have opened dozens of hotels on four continents. They provide information which we as guests are not privy to even off the record: Are we allowed to check in in flip-flops? How far does freedom actually go in a Grand Hotel? How come that guests in some hotels feel out of place? What trends have a future in the Grand Hotel business, and what relics from old times are the snows of yesteryear?