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Dark Horse Innovation: Digital Innovation Playbook. (engl. Version)

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Published in September 2017, Paperback, 312 p.
ISBN 978-3-86774-575-8

Note regarding the e-book: Due to the elaborate design, the e-book is available as ePDF.

The Digital Innovation Playbook is the essential exercise book for founders, doers and managers. With its unique framework and its many tools and methods, it allows for successful digital innovation development – everywhere and anytime. It shows the best possible tactical moves for each task and each situation in the process of innovation development. As an advanced form of Design Thinking, it is consistently geared towards real-world use. With the Digital Innovation Playbook, the development of new products and services is as playful and simple and as successful as never before.

Dark Horse Innovation is a highly successful innovation company. Their customers range from NGOs to big multinational companies. Dark Horse Innovation are 30 co-founders from 25 disciplines who work together without any hierarchies whatsoever. But with lots of fun and passion!

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