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Ferry Heilemann: Climate Action Guide. Climate protection for businesses. Practical. Sustainable. Effective.

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Published in November 2022, Ca. 200 pages
ISBN 978-3-86774-712-7

Drought, forest fires, and melting ice caps: the climate crisis is an existential threat to human life on Earth. The Paris Climate Agreement shows that the actions of governments alone will not be enough to prevent a climate catastrophe.

For Ferry Heilemann, digital entrepreneur and founder of the Leaders for Climate Action initiative, one thing is therefore very clear: businesspeople need to do their bit to contribute towards global climate protection. How can a business measure its own carbon footprint? How can CO² emissions be reduced in the shortest time possible? What specific steps are required to achieve this? And how can effective alliances be built up between businesses and their surroundings?

With the aid of precise checklists, recommendations for practical action, and background knowledge, the Climate Action Guide shows how businesses can implement straightforward measures and make an important contribution to the protection of our planet – in the process also making themselves future-proof. The first action guide for businesses which want to take practical action to protect the climate.

Ferry Heilemann (*1986) is an entrepreneur, an investor, and a climate activist. In 2009, after completing his degree course, he and his brother Fabian founded DailyDeal, the first European couponing portal. They later sold the company to Google. Heilemann also founded Forto, a digital freight forwarding company, built up a team of more than 300 employees, and then, in the summer of 2020, moved to a position on the shareholder advisory board in order to be able to put more of his efforts into the fight against climate change. One of his projects in this area has been co-founding the Leaders for Climate Action initiative, whose goal is to make the entire digital industry climate neutral. In 2020, he was named "Germany's top entrepreneur". Foto: © Hoffotografen

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